What is the future for events?

January 19, 2021 | Uncategorized

90% of event professionals are out of work. There are so many freelancers, that furlough was never an option.

The event industry brings in millions to the UK. Some people have retrained, some are delivery drivers for supermarkets, some are using their HGV licence to drive trucks long haul. Some have adapted into the world of virtual events. Some have become experts at sitting doing nothing feeling despondent.

Having a WhatsApp conversation with a previous colleague who has set up his own company specialising in virtual event technical production, got me thinking about how events are already evolving. I love events and the buzz of live, immersive interaction.

But what shape will events take in the (hopefully near) future? When will the return be, in Q3 perhaps? Will the public still be hesitant to attend an event in person? Will it depend on the speed of vaccinating the entire country?

I think brands will do an even bigger crossover of digital marketing, PR stunts, live and virtual events. The crazy virtual technology for events is rapidly developing. It is such a creative industry, full of people who can problem solve on the fly under pressure during a live show. These creative brains are already raring to go.

But ultimately we still crave doing business face to face with an actual human, whether it’s for a promo, product launch, sales conference or entertainment.