Film Location Questions

How do you find film locations?

How to search for a film location

How to get permission to film at a location?

How much work is it to host filming at my property?

How far in advance do film productions book locations?

Property Questions

What length lease will they take?

Can you persuade them to take the space for a full 6 months?

Will they pay our rates?

Will they pay utilities?

Will Area4 be signing a lease?

Are you representing the film production company?

What about any damage that’s done?

Can they film at weekends?

Can they start the term of occupation a few weeks later?

Can we invoice the film companies directly?

Can they take more space?

How many cars will be parked?

We have other vacant buildings in other parts of the country – would film companies want to use them?

Will they pay the rate psf the landlord wants?

Will film companies pay a deposit ?

Will we have to do anything during filming?

What about security?

Will we have to show them round properties?

How much can we generate income from filming?

How long will they need to be on site?