Silent Witness Season 24

November 18, 2021 | Locations in Action

Silent Witness BBC tv crime drama

A transformation from a normal outhouse to a burnt out shell. It was great seeing this crime scene being staged at one of our locations for Silent Witness Season 24. What a privilege to work with such a great team an behalf of the BBC.

The show is the longest running crime drama in the world and has just aired the final episode in its 24th series on BBC One. Surprisingly, it’s been its strongest output to date.

Created by Nigel McCrery in 1996, Silent Witness is typically made up of two-part stories. The main storyline and characters will be introduced in part one, usually a cliff hanger ending delivers a plot twist or runs the risk of the case being in jeopardy, but in part two, the story and who is responsible for the murder/s is always exposed.

The Metro review says ” Silent Witness has just aired its strongest series ever – why has it taken so long?”

So, what is so different about this year? It’s simple – character development and continuity.

Episodes one and two saw Nikki and Jack investigate the death of a prison inmate. It also featured prisoner Scott Weston – a character from a story back in 2010 that saw Nikki and former colleague Harry trapped in a university while a shooting spree took place.

There were a few elements in ‘Redemption’ that immediately showed us this series was going to be different from the rest. Scott’s return, the reminder of Thomas dying and Clarissa leaving, even a simple mention of Harry allowed us to see that the show actually remembered Nikki’s past.

Watch the crimes, drama and investigations unfold