Working to Tight Deadlines

April 30, 2024 | Case Study

Commercial Offices

Often we have short lead-times to find a suitable location for filming. The Film Industry and the Property Industry can work at very different speeds. Turning around an enquiry, sourcing and signing up a completely new location within 10 days is one of the shortest lead times we’ve pulled out of the bag. Especially signing up a new commercial office building.

We had a production come to us looking for production offices back in March 2024.  Unfortunately, the offices we had lined up for them became unavailable at very short notice, just over a week before they needed to move in.

Our Acquisitions Manager was able to source and onboard a new Landlord for us the following week who had empty office space in the exact area the production were looking for.  Working with the new Landlord we managed to sort all paperwork in record time.

Due to our property connections, ability to adapt quickly, the production successfully moved into the offices the following week.

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