Important considerations when creating a production office in a vacant space

February 16, 2021 | Case Study

With filming productions going ahead and vacant offices aplenty, there is great demand for filming productions offices. Today with COVID considerations extra care needs to be taken of course but generally production companies are looking for furnished offices (although we can arrange short term hire of desks and chairs), good WI-FI connection (and we can also arrange for internet hubs to be provided).

Because of the short-term nature of occupation, production companies are quite happy with tired, second-hand office accommodation and typically they need 2500-4000sf. If they have power and water, they are happy. More so nowadays they are encouraging their staff to avoid public transport and drive to the production offices and so car parking for 20-30 people would be ideal.

They also need to have secure office accommodation, often because of the confidential nature of their work, and won’t want to share space. They will need kitchen space but will provide their own fridges, microwaves, cutlery. Sometimes they will need to plumb in washing machines so they are able to wash costumes.

They will install hand sanitizers and directional arrows to protect their staff and any visitors.

Duration of occupation varies but typically it would be 3-4 months up to one year and this can bring in interim revenue to help offset rates.

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